The creation of foodbooth represents the shift in awareness towards a globally sustainable eco-culture. Foodbooth is proud to be an active contributor towards the goal of being resource-responsible, and helps to raise awareness through our innovative products.

What motivates us? We feel the more that companies focus on products that decrease carbon footprints and diminish their reliance on mined raw materials, the more consumers will become informed and embrace innovative, ecologically responsible technology.

By recycling materials that would otherwise be put to waste, combined with solar power and energy efficient electronics, we create eco-friendly products that reduce the stress on the environment. As responsible global citizens, we want to leave the world in a better state for the next generation.

Each foodbooth unit is a turn-key operation, highly customized to meet the owner's specific needs. Our base platform is a pre-engineered, complete solution, ready to support all types of restaurant and retail operations. It is fully equipped with lighting, electronics, appliances, fire suppression, heating/cooling and water supply. Designed to be an off-grid solution, each unit can be quickly deployed anywhere on the planet and be ready for business as soon as it arrives - offering all the benefits of food trucks, without all the peripheral costs such as auto insurance, fuel, engine maintenance and unforseen repairs.

foodbooth has designed elegant, state of the art modifications to the old standard ISO shipping container, the surplus of which accumulates in graveyards around the world through global trade. Utilizing these containers gives us a solid base and securable operation during periods of non-use.

foodbooth takes pride in high quality, commercial grade construction, befitting of any professional restaurant or retail operation. Strict adherence to building codes and design standards for safety, energy efficiency, and reliability is always ensured. With out persistent assurance of build-quality, the benefits that you can expect from a foodbooth unit include a high quality, professionally constructed product that will stand up to high use and withstand the worst nature has to offer.

Our designers work with your business to help create the right product and set of options to meet your individual business needs. We start with a durable, watertight, disaster-proof shell and then begin by adding initial customizations, such as serving windows, access doors, plumbing connections and ventilation. We work with architectural blueprints during the entire process so that the customer can remain involved and interact with us along the way.

Fully certified electrical, water and gas installations, as well as fire suppression systems, are standard. Furthermore, we provide heavy-duty walls and flooring, comfort ventilation systems, efficient configuration solutions, and utmost attention to design aesthetics and finishing details. Additionally, we cater for upgrades such as sound systems, security systems, built-in appliances, mobile registers, external lighting, and beverage systems. All of these features help to ensure an exceptional customer vending experience.

Join us in our quest towards sustainable eco-culture by reshaping the landscape of our planet, one business at a time. Feel free to contact us for more information on our innovative foodbooth container solutions.